Bloom Chat FAQ


What is Bloom Chat?

Bloom Chat is an innovative feature on the Bloom platform that allows you to engage in interactive roleplaying with your favorite characters from our catalog of stories and experiences. Powered by advanced AI technology, Bloom Chat uses both text and voice messaging to give you a truly immersive experience.

Has Bloom Chat been updated recently?

Below you can find a change-log of each Bloom Chat update rolled out.

Bloom Chat Version 0.1 (26/09/2023)

  • Bloom Chat launch beta

Bloom Chat Version 0.2 (20/10/2023)
  • You can now choose text only or voice only chats, in addition to the Hybrid (Text & Voice) model currently offered.
  • You can now delete previous chats.
  • Your free monthly chat credits now refresh on the same day your subscription renews.
  • Voice message credits are no longer deducted if there is an error with the message.
  • You will no longer be charged for voice messages that do not send.
New Bloom chatbots will be released every Friday and more updates will be rolled out as we gather feedback. Thank you for your support!

In the Bloom Chat feature, am I interacting with a real person or a bot?

You are interacting with an AI-powered chatbot. Bloom Chat is powered by advanced AI technology, allowing you to engage in interactive conversations with your favorite characters from BLOOM’s collection of intimate audio stories and experiences. While these chatbots are designed to emulate the personalities and nuances of our characters, they have no connection to the actors who portray them.

Why is Bloom Chat still in beta and what does it mean?

Bloom Chat is labeled as beta to indicate that it’s still in the refinement stage. While AI technology is complex and we’re actively addressing any quirks, we believe it already offers significant value to our users. By sharing it publicly, we hope to gather valuable feedback to enhance the feature further. We welcome constructive feedback! Please email us at, and include screenshots or screen recordings to highlight any specific issues.

Were ethical concerns regarding AI taken into consideration during the creation of Bloom Chat?

We are very aware of the growing concerns surrounding AI, particularly in the actor community. All voice actors who have opted in to being a part of this project did so enthusiastically after extensive conversations and planning with the Bloom team. Actors who choose to enroll in the Bloom Chat program are fairly compensated (using either a residual-based or flat-rate fee contract of their choosing) for licensing their audio-likeness within the Bloom Chat feature. We’re happy to say this feature has been really well received by the voice acting community and we strive to maintain a high level of ethics throughout the creation of new features such as this. Additionally, we’d like to assure you that our core product, Bloom’s intimate audio stories, will not change as a result of this new feature. Bloom stories have always and will always be written, voiced, designed, and illustrated by real human creators. Lastly, we ensure our chatbots maintain the same ethical intimacy practices we adhere to in our stories (including consent, safe sex practices, ethical relationship boundaries and more). More on ethics and Bloom Chat can be read below.


How do I use Bloom Chat?

The Bloom Chat feature can be found by clicking the Chat tab in the bottom panel of the website. Alternatively, chats can be entered into by clicking the Chat button located below the Sample button on select stories.

Is the chat feature available in the Bloom Stories App?

At the moment, Bloom Chat is only available by accessing the Bloom Stories website through a browser. However, we’re actively working to introduce this feature to our iOS and Android apps

My favorite character or voice is missing! Will they be added in the future?

Yes. New voices and characters will be continuously added to keep things exciting. Announcements of new characters and voices will appear in our weekly newsletters.

Can I return to an existing chat session?

Yes, it is possible to resume previous chats within the Bloom Chat tab. You can also start a new chat with the same characters you have existing chats with.

Are the chatbot characters aware of everything that has happened in their stories?

At present, no. While each chatbot embodies the general personality of their character, they don’t have a detailed recollection of the events that occur in all of their stories. We’re currently working on enhancing the bots to have a more comprehensive understanding and memory of their narratives.

A bot keeps mispronouncing my name in their voice messages. How can I fix this?

To help the bot pronounce your name correctly, we recommend you provide its phonetic spelling. Navigate to the Home screen, tap the ⚙️ gear icon in the top right, select Account Info, and update your name’s spelling there.

How can I update my name and pronouns after initial setup?

From the Home screen, tap the ⚙️ gear icon in the top right, choose Bloom Storiescount Info, and make your changes there

I encountered unusual or inappropriate bot behavior. How can I report it?

We’re working on adding a feature to report bot behavior directly within the chat. In the meantime, please take screenshots or record your screen, then send it to If a bot asks for real-life exchanges (meeting in person, exchanging photos or videos), simply change the subject and submit a screenshot of the error to our support team.

Best Practices

Will the chatbots understand and respond appropriately to my messages?

While our chatbots are highly sophisticated and designed to provide accurate and relevant responses, they might occasionally misunderstand or provide an unexpected answer. We’re continuously refining our AI algorithms to improve accuracy and user experience.

Are there topics I should avoid discussing?

Our bots are trained to adhere to Bloom Stories community guidelines, which prohibit discussions related to rape, incest, bestiality, pedophilia, as well as racism, sexism, and homophobia. We ask our users to refrain from engaging in these topics. Violations can result in account bans.

The bot is telling me it cannot engage in a certain sexual activity that does not go against Bloom Stories community guidelines. What can I do?

AI can be tricky and sometimes you may need to reword your response if you are met with a refusal to continue the conversation. As long as what you are discussing does not go against our community guidelines, restating your previous message in a new way should fix the issue.

Ethical Considerations

What happens to the data that I input into the chat?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. All data you input into Bloom Chat is anonymized and stored with utmost security. We only use this data for generating text and voice message replies by the chatbots and for no other purposes.

Were ethical concerns regarding AI taken into consideration during the creation of Bloom Chat?

Yes. While the field of AI ethics is rapidly evolving, we strive to ensure our technology aligns with the highest ethical standards and takes into account concerns of fairness, transparency, privacy, and potential misuse. We plan to do this by always ensuring our chatbots maintain the ethical intimacy practices we adhere to in our stories, that our voice actors are fairly compensated for participating in the Bloom Chat feature and that our users are safe and satisfied with their experience.

Is this taking away the job of any writers, voice actors, etc.?

Absolutely not. The chat feature enhances the existing Bloom Stories ecosystem, providing an additional layer of interaction between users and our content. It doesn’t replace the need for human creativity and expertise that goes into creating the stories and characters our users love.

Did the voice actors participate in creating the Bloom Chat feature?

All voice actors who have opted in to being a part of this project did so enthusiastically. Actors who choose to enroll in the Bloom Chat program are fairly compensated (using either a residual-based or flat-rate fee contract of their choosing) for licensing their audio-likeness within the Bloom Chat feature. We’re happy to say this feature has been really well received by the voice acting community.

Does this mean Bloom Stories will produce all content via AI in the future?

Our relationships with creators and our commitment to authentic storytelling remains unchanged; Bloom Stories have always and will always be written, voice acted and designed by human creators. They are the foundation of our platform. Bloom Chat represents one of many interactive features we're developing. It's a tool to enhance user experience. Something that was very important to us during the initial planning phase of this project is that this Bloom Chat feature is net new: it is something that is not feasible without the use of AI due to the quantity of messages being sent and received, and is therefore not taking away work from any of the creators we work with.

How are the chatbots trained to represent the voice and character?

Bloom Chat chatbots are trained using a combination of our proprietary dialogue datasets, information about the characters, and feedback from our community. We work closely with writers and voice actors to ensure the chatbot’s responses align with the character’s persona.

Cost and Subscription Models

Is Bloom Chat free to use?

Yes, Bloom Stories users accessing the platform for free will be able to access the text messages feature. Premium Bloom Stories members can receive unlimited text and up to 15 voice messages per month. Premium Bloom Stories users also have the option to purchase additional voice messages via credits within the platform.

How can I get more text messages?

If you are a free Bloom Stories user and have used your allotted free text messages per month, you can unlock more by upgrading to a Bloom Stories Premium subscription.

How can I get more voice messages?

Premium Bloom Stories members receive 15 voice messages for free each month. If you’d like additional voice messages, you can purchase additional credits.

Sharing and Redistribution

Can I share my chat transcripts or voice messages?

Yes, you can share both text and voice messages from Bloom Chat outside our platform. We encourage users to share screenshots of their fun interactions with us on socials using #bloomchat or #bloombot. You can find and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We are currently working on an integrated sharing feature to make this easier, but for now you can capture chat transcripts using screenshots and voice messages via screen recordings. However, extracting audio directly from recordings is prohibited.